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GO founded in 2003, we have 17 years of experience in fine chemicals. Integrity, Professional is our principle, is also the
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The warehouse has a large fixed inventory, long-term supply capacity, quick response, solving customer's sudden problems; fast delivery.

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We are constantly improving our equipment to improve the quality of our chemical products in order to reduce waste water that pollutes the environment.

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Our company, one high-tech chemical enterprise, locates in the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu—Zhengzhou city. We are specialized in supplying various chemical products, focusing on product R&D, manufacturing and trading. our company is with strong technical strength, we have chemical Doctor who studied in America, concentrates on various chemical material R&D and production, has invented our patent product—Diacid 1550.

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Plasticizer Chemicals

Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)

Type:Dimethyl phthalate (DMP) Molecular:C10H10O4 CAS NO:131-11-3 Applications:Dimethyl phthalate is a plasticizer with strong solubility for a variety of resins. It can be compatible with a variety of cellulose resins, natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and vinyl resins. It has good film-forming, adhesive and Waterproof, light and thermal stability are also high. Application: Dimethyl phthalate is […]

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Diethyl Phthalate(DEP)

Type:Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) Molecular:C12H14O4 CAS NO:84-66-2 Applications:Diethyl phthalate has good compatibility with most resins such as vinyl resin and cellulose. Often used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins, it has good low temperature flexibility and durability. Combined with DMP can improve the water resistance and elasticity of products. Application: DEP is a colorless and transparent oily […]

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Trioctyl Trimellitate

Type:Trioctyl Trimellitate Molecular:C33H54O6 CAS NO:3319-31-1 Applications:TOTM is the major durable and heat resistance plasticizer. Concurrently, it bears the virtue of polyester plasticizers and monomer plasticizers, and is similar to phthalic ester plasticizer in terms of plasticizing efficiency and processing behavior. Its compatibility, plasticizing performance, low temperature performance and electrical property are all better than polyester […]

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Dioctyl Sebacate

Type:Dioctyl Sebacate Molecular:C26H50O4 CAS NO:2432-87-3 Applications:DOS is the typical high quality cold resistance PVC plasticizer, with high plasticizing efficiency and low volatility. Besides its high performance in cold weather, it works well under high temperature. For its excellent insulativity and strong weather resistance property, it is often used for the production of cold resistance wire, […]

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Diisononyl phthalate(DINP)

Type:Diisononyl phthalate(DINP) Molecular:C26H42O4 CAS NO:28553-12-0 Applications:DINP’s volatilization weightlessness is smaller than DOP. Intrinsic viscosity is similar to DOP. You will get a more high viscosity value if use DINP alone. DINP is suitable for the plastic production, proving stable viscosity and no problems exist during disperse foaming. The melting temperature is low. As the PVC […]

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Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Type:Epoxidized Soybean Oil(ESBO) Molecular:C57H106O10 CAS NO:8013-07-8 Applications:It is the most widely used PVC nontoxic plasticizer and stabilizer. It is particularly consistent with PVC and has low volatility and mobility. Its high thermal stability, light stability and good resistance to water and oil endow the products with better mechanical strength, weather resisting property and electrical property. […]

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